Update - Rooftop Gallery and Workshops 1st August 2012

The 12 people attending agreed that we were following the vision we agreed at the founding meeting. So we will keep on doing what we are doing!

Summer activity plans

Started today with Dace Mola leading an oil pastel session resulting in some vey good copies of some of the paintings from the exhibition. Jen and Chelsea have applied for funding to start the Corby Artists’ Network Youth programme. The first series of workshops aimed at primary aged children run on Wednesdays.10-12 Art with Dace Mola, Sculpture with Nick Finn and 1-3 Drama and Dance with Chelsea, Jen and Jordan. All £3 a session. Then Saturdays sees Mel start open Creative fun sessions for 16+ from 2- 4 for £5.

Regular Groups

There are now several weekly Creative groups meeting. Wed 10.30- 4 is a textiles group, Thursday 10-12.30 is Mosaic and then 2-4 is Creative Knitting. Thursday 1-3 is Arts Alive - a Creative group for over 50’s exploring Creative Writing and Drama

Peter will hold the Artists’ Crit group on Thursday evenings from 6.30-9.30pm

Volunteers needed

We need volunteers to keep the place open 12-4 Fri and Saturdays.


Given the attention the Rooftop Gallery is getting from the Emmeline Boulton exhibition it was proposed and agreed that the gallery should keep it up until our next exhibition is ready. This ensures that as word gets round and people start to drop in we have a high quality exhibition to show them. It was also pointed out by our education/schools advisor that if it is up at the start of the school year we have a concrete offer for schools.

Meanwhile we are looking for a curator and gallery attendants for the next collective show this autumn. We want to encourage first time exhibitors - especially from Corby to show a piece of their work and unearth the breadth of creative talent we have in this town.

Teaming up with Corby Cultural Partnership we will show the film Corby Culturally Yours during October which is Black history month, alongside a photo exhibition