Greetings folks, 

Rooftop Gallery Update December

  • Our first contemporary show  featuring John Routledge, Chloe Sansom and Dacemola runs until 21st January except for Xmas closing.
  • Dec 13th private view 7pm.

Creative Minds exhibition January 25th till  February 25th

Art for All from beginning of March. Chloe Sansom is now the curator. Contact her on Faceboook if you want to exhibit. She will be at the Gallery most wednesdays if you want to talk to her in person. There is no fixed theme. We want people to submit the work they want others to see. This may be the first time you have entered an exhibition. That is fine. Who is out there painting, and drawing that we don't know about? There will be  £10 fee to take part.
Walls for All 
  • In the meantime hire a wall space for £10 a month and show your work!
Wednesday 12th dec: 
  • The Godmonkey Skyhook Amalgamation are holding an open dress rehearsal on wed at 7pm at the Gallery to try out their brand new collaboration. Donation to the Gallery. Bring some food to share.Check them out on Facebook.
Thursday 13th Dec: 
  • Art Classes with John McKenzie from 1-3pm. Come and have a go and help boost our coffers with a £3 donation. John is sharing his skills for free.
  • Artists' celebration for the opening of the new exhibition and social night for Gallery friends. From 7pm. Bring food and drink to share. Find out what we are up to and how to get involved.
Friday 14th Dec: 
  • M.A.D Fundraiser  at Ex Servicemens Club to raise money for the Rooftop Gallery. 6.30pm Tickets £3 or 2 for £5 STOP PRESS. New Act. Ease into the evening by creating your own Art whilstinternationally acclaimed violinist Paula Boulton plays beautiful music.Get your portrait done  by Lynsey Da Silva. Be entertained by The Multiversal Concrete Fleet, The Flying Mandelas, Hat Man, The Godmonkey Skyhook Amalgamation and Global Jigstaz. Raffle. Auction.....who knows what other surprises the evening will hold.
  • This is the launch event for the Alternative Edge - the Events and Arts Promotion Company based at the Rooftop. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!
  • Big thanks to Ray and the team, Peter, Nick, Martin etc. for completing the build.
  • Dance floor laid and mirrors on the way!!!
  • We now have 9 Artists Workshop spaces all hired out!!! Most have moved in and are now Resident and creating!
  • Welcome to Peter Bullivant, Dace Mola, Nick Finn, Willy Gibson, John Deathridge, Vidma Wait,  Hannah Tracey, Philip Anthony + Jane, Martin Baldock
  • There is a waiting list if you are interested. Details to Paula
We still need volunteers or else the building cannot open. Get involved. This place does not run itself.
 Welcome Graham our newest Gallery minder ....join him to show others round the exhibitions. Sign up even for a couple of hours 
 Currently Dan, Donna( who i forgot last time)  and Jen are holding it together with help from our resident Artists. 
New ideas for exhibitions, events?
There is a form on the website. Please fill it out and we will consider it ASAP
Xmas Closing
We are not guaranteeing opening from sat 22nd to sun 6th Jan.

URGENTLY NEEDED - Contact Paula on 07892489163
  • A membership secretary - someone to keep track of all the contacts and grow our ever expanding data base and contact people
  •  Business planning and fundraising experts. 

Wishing you all a creative time over the festive season. Remember - in this time of crazy consumerism - as Artists - every time we create a work of Art  we take one step towards building the world we want!!!

Paula Boulton 
Corby Artists' Network