November Update

Rooftop Gallery


Emmeline Boulton closed with 387 viewers and promise of an exhibiton in the new building of the Manchester School of Art. Thanks to all who helped with this.

Our first themed exhibition –“Out of the Darkness” featuring a whole host of new Artists and some of our old favourites – opened on 27th October. First time curation for Sam and Phil. Great job. Another stunning exhibition under our belt. Number 4!!!

Got it together in 3 weeks. Healthy debate going on about pop up exhibitions versus leaving things up for at least a month. Finally decided this one is too good to take down. So if you haven’t been there - get on with it!! Up now until 25th November

John Routledge, Chloe Sansom and Dacemola until Xmas. The first Patchwork show of 3 Artists sharing the space. Dec 1st private view

Creative Minds exhibition January 25th of February 25th

Sam has agreed to curate Art for All which will take place from beginning of March.


The second live theatre performance took place on 29th as part of Black History Month. The Rowell Martyr performed by ex students from Dartington Hall College. Well received.

M.A.D Fundraiser on Dec 14th at Ex Servicemens Club to raise money for the Rooftop Gallery. 6.30pm Tickets £3 or 2 for £5 Featuring Global Jigstarz, Local Bands and Artists. This is the launch event for the Alternative Edge - the Events and Arts Promotion Company based at the Rooftop. Phil from the Alternative Edge, has worked with a team of Gallery volunteers, Sam, Michael (ticket and poster Art work), Donna(Global Jigstarz) to plan and organize the event. Come and make it a success. A central Arts events and Artist promotion organisation benefits us all!!!


Big thanks to Ray and the team, Peter, Nick, Martin etc.

We now have 10 Artists Workshop spaces to hire out and one large communal one. Starting cost £12.50 per week which is very reasonable. There is a sliding scale to take into account those fortunate to be earning a decent wage! Space to display your work too on the outside walls. Please get in touch as they will go quickly on a first come first served basis. They are intended as a space for Corby Artists.

Contact Peter Bullivant on 07790626896.


We still need volunteers or else the building cannot open. Get involved. This place does not run itself.

Welcome to Dan, Jacquie, Martina joining Peter, Ray, Jen, Phil, Sam, Michael , James, Merridan, Unjeni and Dacemola...bound to have forgotten someone

Proposals for events and exhibitions

There is a form on the website. Please fill it out and we will consider it ASAP


General Art Classes will start on 29th November from 1-3 each Thursday led by John McKenzie.

Evening Classes are in planning stage with Vidma Wier and Dace Mola. Watch the facebook page for start dates