September has seen an amazing growth in activity at the Gallery. Largely thanks to one of those fluke moments when Ceilidh Devine and Phillip McGowan walked into the town centre managers office asking about promoting Artists and they were re-directed to????? Yes, you’ve guessed it. The Rooftop!!! They are happy to function from here - meaning that for the time being we can be open from 11-5 mon - sat. Thursdays we stay open till 8.30pm.

Having dynamic young people committed to making this vision grow has made all the difference. Every day new Artists wander in and join in and it is not unusual to find people sitting or standing around absorbed in their own creation. Dean, Billy, Michael..

Welcome on board and thanks to new volunteers Sam, James, Donna and the rest for all your hard work. Joining the regulars, Peter, Ray, Dace, Michael, Jen and Paula.

We still need more committee bods....would love to hear from anyone interested in helping with the organisational development and funding aspects.


We have extended the Emmeline Boulton exhibition to allow for schools visits and it has been rewarding to see A level Art students studying the wide variety of Art that there is contained in the exhibition.

End of exhibition party Saturday 20th October 6pm - Bring a Bottle

Out of the Darkness - 27th October. Be part of this seasonal exhibition creating new work. £10 submission. See Facebook page for details.

CURATOR NEEDED for ART for ALL. We cannot go ahead with this community exhibition till we get one!!!

Future exhibition plans

December: Michael Quarrington/ Bert Jansch/ exhibitions TBC

                     The Fishmarket Igloo by Sally Underwood and Roxy Walsh

January: Creative Minds in association with Stuart Road Mental Health Team

February: The Heart of the Matter - New pieces sought


Meanwhile the regular textiles /craft group on wed 10.30 - 4 and the mosaic group on Thursday 10-12 have continued to flourish sharing skills across generations and cultures.


29th October sees a performance of the Rowell Martyr about the Rothwell resident John Smith, born in 1790, who died trying to help improve conditions for slaves in Demerara. His death galvanised the anti- slavery movement.

The play is performed by dARTs theatre company starts at 7.30pm and costs £3 a ticket. Running time an hour with a post show discussion.



We are still collecting names of people interested in Artist studios. Construction is planned to begin this month. Let us know if you are interested.

Walls for All

Walls for hire at £10 a month. Display your work and sell it giving a commission to the Gallery.

Photography Studio

For hire £10 a session


Choreography Zone

Dance mirrors courtesy of Shipleys amusements!!! We are in the process of creating a small Dance space. Need to look at your moves? Floor next!!

Poetry/Writing/Lyrics night - Word share sessions due to start soon

Creche and Craft sessions for Mums and Tots

FUNDING See Facebook page for details of Dec 14th Fundraiser at Ex-Servicemens club


Come join the Corby Artists’ Network as an exhibiting or ordinary member £15 or £5

Exhibitors get a guaranteed place in the annual show and work with the other Artists to choose the theme

All members are a voice in the development of the organisation

Paula Boulton

Chair Corby Artists’ Network