Corby Artists' Network - now with contact addresses numbering 400 - signed the Lease this week for the Rooftop Gallery & Workshops (Thanks to those who joined in the name search) complete with logo and email address 

What we have achieved in 4 months is astonishing. Given that there was a break whilst rebuilding of the area was going on (still not finished) it is quite an achievement. Also as we had not yet signed the lease we were not legally allowed to be in the building and had no insurance. 

NCC did us a favour by letting us use the premises for the OPEN - and were persuaded to do the same to allow us to proceed with Jim Lockhart's exhibition. 

Apart from 2 committee meetings and an Artists gathering during that time, we may have seemed invisible...but there was all sorts going on behind the scenes. 

The committee formed legally and got insurance, a bank account, a constitution, policies and procedures. Our first chair came and went and others stood in and expanded the group. The committee has met 3 times and had several sub group meetings. Funding applications have been submitted and some funding secured from various councillors and supporters. There have been meetings to write a business plan with Donna and Marian. A pricing /cost structure is being put in place. A membership package is being designed. 

Negotiations re plans to build the Workshop spaces are ongoing - plans have been drawn up and materials are being sourced

 Artistic Activity and Exhibitions

  • A mosaic group meets thursday mornings 10.30am run by Lillian

  • An artist's crit group meets thursday 6.30pm run by Peter

  • There was an Artist's get together on May 10th

  • Merridan curated Jim Lockharts exhibition which had 60 people at the opening on June 18th and 100 visitors during it's 2 weeks. Jim sold 9 paintings.

  • Martin Steed made a film of Jim's story, interviewed by Paula, which was shown to a packed room at his opening and has made copies for his family.

  • Paula and Marian curated a selection of photos of Old Corby to compliment Jim's work.

  • Gail, Tom and Paula created a shop front display to advertise the Gallery

  • Grey and Paula co-curated the current exhibition of the work of Emmeline Boulton to celebrate her Centenary.

  • There were 60 people at the opening and attendance is picking up as word gets round.

Volunteers (Please do not be offended if you are not mentioned....just get in touch and tell me what you is not possible to know everything)

All the work so far has been done by volunteers co-ordinated by Gail. Each exhibition has had a separate group of volunteers turning up to open and close, keep the place clean and tidy, deal with enquiries, set up systems.

Including, Paul, Jim, Michael, Meridan, Katy, Margaret, Sean, Jen, Chelsea, Chris, Ray, Dace, Peter, Gail, Paula, with offers from Chloe, Phyllis, Melanie, Paul and Judy.

Each exhibition has been hung by volunteers and the space has been made good in between by yet more.

Tom, Merridan and Katy hung Jims. Tom, Gail and Paula hung the photos. Tom, Jimmy, Ray and Gail hung the current one. 

Tom and Merridan made good in between.

Publicity design for the gallery is Dannie's contribution.

Postcards to sell by Katy

Publicity and Support

Ashdown Phillips who manage the Town Centre have been really supportive and have given us portable advertising boards, put us on the web site, plan to put an art gallery sign up for us, gave us premium shop display area and have donated display boards to us.

ET, Corby Extra, Corby Eye ,Corby Radio and BBC Radio Northampton have been consistent in their suppoprt for us and have done excellent articles.

We have a Facebook page, and an event page for the current exhibition. We link in with the Corby Artists page too.

Shops, taxi's, the library, the Core, The Derngate, community centres etc all have taken posters. flyers

We were written in to the Creative People and Places bid - though it was unsuccessful

Opportunities for Artists

USE THE COMMUNAL SPACE – whilst the gallery is open for exhibitions come in and use the workshop area. Meet and share ideas


Grey has devised a questionnaire to make sure we know what the Artists in the network want. Please respond as it is your chance to shape your future

Notice Board and table – please feel free to leave your cards    

Tom Wilkinson has posted about Market Harboro building society being willing to show paintings for Artists. Just go in and see them!!! 

Summer projects for children and young people are being planned for wednesdays if you want to be involved. 

The next exhibition needs a curator/curators and event organisor/team The plan is that it will be another collective show that gives people the chance to exhibit who have never done so. Given the summer holidays that is planned for October to give september for organizing it and collecting the work etc.

Other exhibitions - people approach all the time, so the plan is to get the details in and have a regular quarterly programming meeting. So put your proposal down in an email to detailing how much space and which rooms you would like to use, what you can pay, (As a guide £500 a month for the whole Gallery) whether you would be sole exhibitor or collaborating, when you would like to hold it. can you pay for gallery volunteer expenses, do you have gallery sitters yourself?

We have the equipment for a full photographic shoot available, complete with infinity wall.

Idea for an event?  Contact me about your idea -

Workshop space wanted? Speak to Peter Bullivant   at