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Hello all animeniacs. As you know we have until October to get a show up so to get the ball rolling we need theme suggestions. Cyber bullying...natural disasters..heroes. Please write down your ideas. Anime/manga comes in all styles and colours so get your wig on and let's start!

We are searching for local illustrators to take part in an exhibition of comic illustration and animation at the Rooftop Gallery and Workshops; we're hoping to host the exhibition in October 2015. We will have categories to put your work into. Some will be open, others will be more focused. If you're stuck for ideas we can give you a theme. Submit for example: posters, comic strips, short stories, and animation.

If enough people join in we can try and get the comic published as a paper version. Keep your rough work - we can exhibit that too.

Be inspired and inspire!

‪#‎GetInvolved‬ #GetCreative

Contact Raychelle if you would like to participate.

Volunteers are welcome. You are welcome to come along and join in!
Bring your friends. The classes will probably be on Saturday's from 12 noon. Details will be confirmed soon.

Raychelle Rouchy - Project Co-ordinator

With the help of my sister I think we have finally come up with a topic of interest you ready......FANTASY MEETS REALITY
We are trying to make it more specific but the idea is that you take ordinary scenarios and give it a fantasy twist.
It's a Sunday morning and your cat is singing its lungs out to wake you up at six nothing odd about that just annoying right? But what if the cat the previous night placed a bet on getting you up at six and if it loses its lost its share in catnip....bad example I know. Any queries? I'm happy to help.

Ady Whyte has agreed to start working with us on creating comics, cartoons and graphic novels. He is also interested in helping with animation and other art and deign projects with The Furnace.

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