The Story of “Our Woods”

Over the past nine months, the “Our Woods” project, developed by creative producer Ros Stoddart, has presented over forty very varied arts events, activities and performances in Corby’s beautiful woodlands. These led up to the thrilling production of “Dreaming Our Woods”, three performances in The Core at Corby Cube over the first weekend in May each followed by a walk through Hazel Wood transformed by illuminated flowers and beasts made by Corby schoolchildren.

“Dreaming Our Woods” had songs specially written by Barb Jungr with local songwriters Ring of Fire, performed by the Deep Roots Tall Trees Choir, directed by Gareth Fuller. They accompanied the Deep Roots Tall Trees dance theatre, local dancers led by Neil Paris. Kurt Laurenz Theinert’s visual piano lit these performances with magical projections that developed organically to reflect and enhance the changing mood of the music and movement.

The Story of “Our Woods” tells how this exciting and ambitious project grew and developed from September 2016 to May 2017, through photography, film and artwork created during its activities. At the Rooftop Arts Centre 7 – 30 June.

July - Rooftop Annual

August - 

September - Bob Dawson Retrospective 

October - Oundel Art Group 

November - Young Photographers  and Birtish Legion

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