We need your help to help you! 


It’s time for action... to move ahead with the network and the Rooftop Gallery & Workshops in the former Corby library. If you’re an artist wanting to develop professionally, work in the community or network with other artists then this is a chance to get in at the ground level of this exciting new project. If you want to help as a volunteer or in any other way, thank you and read on! 

The intention is to use the network to turn the Rooftop Gallery and Workshops into a respected Centre for Creativity; offering artists a range of practical and/or professional development opportunities, and the community a space to enjoy and express their imagination and promote well-being. 


The Rooftop Gallery and Workshops will be: 

  • A creative hub for anybody who wants to enjoy the arts whether as a helper or participant 

  • A place to run or learn about running arts projects for the community 

  • A gallery, studio and workshop space 

We could also offer: access to equipment (i.e. printing, film/photography/ceramics/framing), alongside practical workshops for curating and exhibiting your own or other people’s work; collaborative arts opportunities; arts projects in the community, professional development training and mentoring...and so on.  


This is an opportunity for us to work together to turn this ambitious vision into reality. The volunteers who are already helping with this artists-run initiative are doing a great job. Now we need some important feedback from you before we can go to the next level. If you want to get further involved – please let us know. 


We want to be able to provide what you want and to gauge the level of involvement you are interested in (and – most importantly - who you are!). We need to know more about the type and number of artists in the Corby and surrounding areas. 


So PLEASE FILL IN THE FORM BELOW. Even if it’s just your email address, address and telephone number.  


Don’t be put off by the rest of the questionnaire! Please answer what you can. But feel free to give as much detail as you wish.  


We have secured some initial funding but we are looking for more, so the further questions are to do with securing and using that money effectively.   

Corby Artists Network Questionnaire

Please can you supply us with your name, email, home address and telephone number. These will be kept confidential and will only be used in connection with the network and will not be handed onto anyone else.

Please fill in as much as you can below so we can create a profile of our membership and what you might like in the way of facilities/training/other opportunities

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