Resident Artists

Peter Bullivant - Studio 1

Peter's work consists of installations displaying sculpture, photography, drawing and research which explore the subject of time, place and history.

"I am a Fine Art post graduate interested in sculpture, drawing, photography and installation art. My work focuses on the everyday and document the world at present. My interests are architecture, public spaces, street furniture, everyday objects with a sculptural quality, the over looked, the order of objects, colour, line and the engagement with the present."

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Katharine Anderson - Studio 2

Kate is a photographer and graphic designer by trade. Her personal work includes photography, making photo story books, illustrations in pencil and felt-tips; painting in acrylics; lino prints; embroidery, sequin and bead-work; knitted projects, writing and film-making.

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Kate's Plot -
Twitter @KatesPlot

Merridan Northover - Studio 2

Merridan uses a variety of techniques to build up images in inks, oils, acrylics, water colours, pencils and pens. He begins his work with an idea in mind. He pours and manipulates the ink or paint and then works into it with the pens highlighting details.

He sits back, observes his work and then works into it again. There is a large element of Pareidolia in the work, the psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon or the Moon rabbit.

In Merridan's work observers often claim to see seemingly hidden images when observed closely.

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Anna Guzek - Studio 3

In my art practice I specialise in making mostly one of a kind or limited edition sterling silver jewellery. My work tends to be three dimensional and interestingly textured. In order to achieve the desired textured effect, I employ acid etching and reticulation, both of which are highly involved and advanced techniques. I love the sculptural quality of rings and derive great satisfaction from designing these mini sculptures. Earrings are another example of my three dimensional work, movement being an extra quality added to their sculptural aspect.

Both the rings and brooches I design and execute tend to be quite sizeable, capable of making quite a statement. I also make ensembles, sets of matching jewellery pieces, e.g. necklaces and earrings. I offer sterling silver creations with oxidised or polished finish.


Warren Shaw - Studio 4

Warren Shaw’s work explores both sound and visual media, in both separate contexts and interdisciplinary crossovers. It is this exciting relationship that establishes a core part of his creative practice.

Shaw’s own experience and perceptions, including aural ones, form a large part of his visual language with a fondness for organic forms and a tendency towards abstraction. This is rooted in an early and long-standing interest in Surrealism and the practice of automatism. His acceptance of an unconscious flow of thought forms a responsive visual dialogue with the world around him, with visual forms influencing and reacting to one another - thereby creating a transformative and almost meditative process of visual mark making.

With this visual methodology his studio practice maintains its responsiveness and is open to the action of chance. This combined with theoretical research creates a natural progressive process of exploration and development and a rigorous and fluid creative practice.

Moving forward from the framework of the institution Shaw is working to maintain the importance of an active arts practice and methodology. Surely an exciting time in which new work will find its own way of existing and evolving.

Margaret Montgomery & Marina Papadopoulos- Studio 5

Margaret and Marina are newcomers to the gallery's studios. They began by attending Fanoulla Georgiou's art classes and have progressed to the point where they would like a permanent site for their art materials and their work.

They take an active part in encouraging other budding creative's to get to work and have a go!

Both studio users had previous experience with their creative pursuits. Margaret studied 3D Design at degree level and is using the studio to pursue her interest in painting.

Lilian Douglas - Studio 6

Lilian is the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Corby Artists' Network, the charity behind the Rooftop Gallery and Workshops.

Her creative work is a mixture of ceramics, textiles, mosaic work and painting. She meets with her mosaic buddies every Thursday morning where they natter and work. She alsoworks alongside people on a Friday who come along to have a go at creating work.

Lilian regularly takes part in exhibitions and has an active role in encouraging newcomers to the gallery and regular users alike.


Alan Jones - Studio 7

Alan is a teacher - now retired. Though trained initially as a potter his interest in painting developed over his 40 years in the profession.

He writes : much of my early work was portraiture but as time passed I became more and more interested in documenting the changes in man made materials as they decayed.

I became fascinated by the breakdown of colour and surface quality over time and at first interpreted these in paint, both acrylic and oil. Latterly however my work has broadened to include a variety of media including 'hard' materials such as plaster, metal and wood.

I am constantly amazed at the differences in colour and texture of rust and in the random juxtaposition of elements - timber, glass, metal or machine parts as they lie abandoned - often suggesting surprising abstract compositions.

The work in this exhibition explores these ideas and utilises a range of materials and techniques; ink, oils, acrylics, printed images, collage, frottage and occasionally found materials.

Dinah Kazakoff - Gallery Director Studio 8

Dinah Kazakoff is a 30-year veteran practitioner in visual arts, photography, and design.  Born and educated in Corby she has spent several years studying and working outside Great Britain mainly in the USA. 

In the USA Dinah worked in the Public Relations and Communications Department at the world-renowned Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton NJ, as Assistant to the Public Affairs Director. An accomplished photographer her photo work was published in a number of academic and house publications at the Institute.  Her portrait work of scholars such as mathematician John Nash and campus photographs has gained her a number of credits.   

For several years she studied under sculptor and artist Pietro del Fabro at his studio in Princeton NJ, refining her talents in oil, acrylic, and water colour painting.  

Martin Baldock - Studio 9

Martin is a painter, photographer, poet, film maker and installation artist using traditional and contemporary media to make my art, inspired by Picasso, Pollock, Warhol, Francis Bacon, Howard Hodgkin, and other post war artists.

 I also work with sound and music, perhaps the terms Synthfreak, Guitarmauler, Wordmangler, Noise Generator & Collaborator in sonic and visual wonderment describe it better.

My work is about Music Art and Life, but not necessarily in that order. Most recently I've been experimenting with pastel on canvas to make abstract and figurative work, as well as playing with found objects & other three dimensional work. I continue to experiment with digital photography and video. I'm also venturing deeper into making music, and I have in mind a sort of 21st Century Blues infused with contemporary beats, noise, and sound effects using both analogue and digital synthesisers, with a dash of spoken word.

I've been working with "The Mighty Panda based in Leicester, jamming and improvising to create both ambient "soundscapes", and jazz influenced funky workouts. We have recorded several albums from these sessions which are available for free to anyone who asks. I'm also working with The Slackstring Band (based in Brigstock) on a set of original songs and covers of Folk and Classic Rock tunes which we have great fun creating unique versions of. We occasionally perform live too.

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Glenn McCabe -     Studio 10

Glenn studied Sculpture at Winchester School of Art in the late 1980s and then moved on to Paris and later Bristol. He returned to the UK and has worked as a tattooist while continuing to pursue his artwork. He has returned to his painting and drawing.


Emma Louise Lowe - Studio 11

Emma is a surface pattern designer and Illustrator based in Corby. she loves experimenting with colour, shape and pattern to create original and inventive artwork. Emma studied Illustration at Loughborough University where she achieved a first class BA (Hons) degree. In addition, she is also a graduate from the University of Reading where she completed an MA Book design degree. 

her work often begins experiumentally, frequently employing inks, pastels, paints, water colours, collage cut-outs and printings techniques.

for any information or commissions Please Email:

Tomas and Inga -  Studio 12

Tea&Eye are two artists working as a collaborative duo- Tomas and Inga are both self-taught, and very passionate about creating beauty, and expressing and exploring the universe we live in.

Inga works in a variety of media but is mainly interested in painting, drawing and photography. Inga has training in pedagogue and choreography.

Tomas is passionate about sculpture and also explores digital art, photography, and painting. 


Fanoulla Georgiou - Studio 13

Mixed media works depicting memory and the celebration of the mundane and ordinary.

When walking, you can often catch a glimpse of 'what was' and traces of 'moments long forgotten'.

I make a point of taking no notice of modern-day signage, designed for crowds to get to the right monuments or to the correct, famous landmarks. I look for the unimportant, the discarded, the lost and the discontinued; images and texts that are ignored and are quite simply unworthy of anyone's gaze or attention.

Fanoulla is an experienced artist and tutor who hosts regular weekly classes at the Rooftop Gallery.

Sarah Jay Roberts - Studio 14

Sarah is an artist that specialises in craft and embroidery work.

She graduated from De MontFort university in July 2015 with a degree in Contour Fashion and began sewing as a hobby in late August of the same year. Since starting this new venture Sarah has came across new techniques and ways in which to display her work that have lead her to fall in love with the craft of sewing and take it one step further than the hobby that it once was.

Her main inspirations come from the things that she loves in life, things which can be seen in her average day such as small details within nature as the seasons change, the environment around her and often taking inspiration from her favourite films

For all enquiries please contact Sarah here:

Ellie Bea Mcbrearty - Studio 14 

Ellie works in a variety of media including photography, film and installation.

Ellie is fascinated by her environment and what she observes as offering contrasting elements within the urban architecture around her, particularly that made between the late 1950s and the early 1970s. She sees this period as essentially masculine in nature, brutalist by design and material and the then promise of the ‘new’ becoming now the ephemeral. Conversely Ellie can appreciate these now unloved, derelict, abandoned and unseen buildings.

The work refers to what she perceives to be certain theatricality of these lost spaces and by responding to them Ellie constructs narratives where one’s imagination is invited to adopt multiple roles, personas and timescales.


Jaymie A McCormick - Studio 14

Jaymie A McCormick My work is at times very eclectic and explores a vast passion I have for bohemian culture and nature, I am inspired deeply by humanity, ethnicity, spirituality and the greatly opposing styles of urban street culture and bohemian lifestyles. most of my work is a reflection of my own ongoing spiritual journey and the personal relationship I have with nature. I find great beauty in all that's earthly.

Rooftop Arts Centre, 9 Chisholm House, Queens Square, Corby, Northants NN17 1PZ.
Registered Charity. Number: 1154960

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