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3rd - 31st August 2016

Exhibition Opening Event: 3rd August - 11am until 1pm
Tea and Coffee Morning with cake
Bring your family and friends!

Fanoulla Georgiou

A Glimpse and a Trace; mixed media works depicting memory and the celebration of the mundane and ordinary, in and around Venice, Italy.

When walking through narrow streets and alleyways of Venice, you can often catch a glimpse of 'what was' and traces of 'moments long forgotten'.

I make a point of taking no notice of modern-day signage, designed for crowds to get to the right monuments or to the correct, famous landmarks. I look for the unimportant, the discarded, the lost and the discontinued; images and texts that are ignored and are quite simply unworthy of anyone's gaze or attention.

The ancient rust of a door hinge, or a decaying wall, old posters advertising events that happened and became a distant memory, sign posts pointing the way to somewhere that no longer exists, writings scratched into old brickwork; a message maybe? Something so meaningful then, now utterly meaningless, now just faded words.

I am intrigued by the history of these findings; the process of layering and revealing, adding and taking away fragments of materials; papers, metals, newsprint and even graffiti. I consider them to be found pieces of art; abstract paintings and collage, created in the same way as they would be inside an artists studio, using line, tone, colour and texture and with great thought and great patience.

Fanoulla is an experienced artist and tutor who hosts regular weekly classes at the Rooftop Gallery.

3rd - 31st August 2016

Exhibition Opening Event: 3rd August - 11am until 1pm
Tea and Coffee Morning with cake
Bring your family and friends!

Alan Jones - Change and Decay

An exhibition of painting and mixed media work taken from observations, of the colours and textures, evident in the decay of man-made objects.

Alan Jones is a teacher - now retired. Though trained initially as a potter his interest in painting developed over his 40 years in the profession.

He writes: much of my early work was portraiture but as time passed I became more and more interested in documenting the changes in man made materials as they decayed.

I became fascinated by the breakdown of colour and surface quality over time and at first interpreted these in paint, both acrylic and oil. Latterly however my work has broadened to include a variety of media including 'hard' materials such as plaster, metal and wood.

I am constantly amazed at the differences in colour and texture of rust and in the random juxtaposition of elements - timber, glass, metal or machine parts as they lie abandoned - often suggesting surprising abstract compositions.

The work in this exhibition explores these ideas and utilises a range of materials and techniques; ink, oils, acrylics, printed images, collage, and occasionally found materials.

September 2016

(NOST) Northamptonshire Open Studios & The Rooftop Gallery Studio Users Exhibition

Studio users at Rooftop Gallery & Workshops will be taking part in this year's Northamptonshire Open Studios. To coincide with NOST our studio users will be exhibiting their work within our three art gallery spaces. Warren Shaw, from studio 4, has taken the lead on this project.

Northants Open Studio Trails (NOST) is the largest visual arts event in and around the county. During the month of September, artists invite you into their studios to witness at first hand the inspiration and motivation, which drives them to create. Step inside a pottery studio, discuss carving with a stonemason or watch demonstrations of painting, printmaking and traditional crafts.

The brochure will show you the huge range of art activities featured this year and help you to choose where to visit. Many artists will also present their work as groups in galleries, shops, pubs and a host of interesting alternative venues.

Artists have been grouped together by region and are marked on easy to follow maps, which will help guide you around the county, so you don’t miss a thing!

From the Kettering Borough Council website:

September Opening Times:

First Week: 7th - 10th

Second Week: 14th - 17th

ThirdWeek: 21st - 24th

There are refreshments available in our kitchen and access to toilets.

November 2016

British Legion Exhibition


Rooftop Gallery Open

Sai Stephenson is taking the lead on this project. She is still at the planning stage but keep your eyes open for more information.Please subscribe to our newsletter, using the mailing list form, if you would like to be kept up to date with all of our events and news.


As a Gallery we have been in operation since March 2012. In that initial period we were a vision in the minds of the artistic community in Corby and the surrounding area. 11 studios including a photography studio and 10 artist studios.

The recent successful activities at the Rooftop Gallery and Workshops spaces include:

  • Numerous Exhibitions including crafts, photography, sculpture, mixed media, paintings, illustrations, and the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry.
  • Workshops: for children and adults.
  • Saturday Youth Club.
  • We hosted 79 children from Exeter Primary school for the day.
  • Children's Titanic Exhibition: 60 children - Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Primary School.
  • Holiday, term time workshops.
  • Taster days.
  • Community group art - for all ages and abilities. Turn up and be creative.
  • Mosaic group - Thursday mornings. 10 - 12am.
  • Fanoulla’s art class. Wednesday's and Thursday's.
  • LGBT Group meets regularly
  • Scribble Zone: for children and adults.

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